Texas Hold 'EM Poker Getting Popular

Every casino in the world has poker rooms. To enjoy the game you have to follow poker room rules and policies.

First, one shall ante or put in the maximum amount the house has specified;

Second, all cards read-- a player cannot misread his hand;

Third, check and raise is allowed, particularly at the Paradise Walker Hill Casino in Seoul, South Korea;

Fourth, all games are table stakes;

Fifth, you must protect your own hand;

Sixth, all betting is done in turn clockwise around the table;

Seventh, all face up cards will be read by the dealer;

Eighth, only English will be spoken in every game (in Seoul casino);

Ninth, one player per hand;

Ten, the decision of the poker supervisor is final.

In poker the lowest in the ranking chart is high card, or you have five cards with several having the highest value, say you have anb Ace.

Second to the lowest is one pair or you have two cards of the same rank, all the rest are mixed. The third to the lowest in the rank is two pairs, where two cards of anyone rank with two cards of any other rank. For example, you have two Jacks and two Nines.

Fourth to the lowest is three of a kind or where you have three cards of the same rank.Fifth to the lowest is Straight. This is a situation where you have 2,3,4, 5 and six or after the cards are arranged they follow a series of numbers with one number difference between the suceeding cards.

Higher in value compared to Straight is Flush.This happens when the five cards are of the same suit. Say five spades or five hearts.Higher in the ranking chart is Full House or a situation where you have three cards of the same rank with a pair of different rank.

Higher than Full House is Four of a Kind or four corners where any four cards of the same rank. Further up in rank is Straight Flush or any five consecutive cards of the same suit; and the highest is Royal Flush or--five consecutive cards of highest rank of the same suit: 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace.

Poker has become popular and Texas hold'em is the hottest. it became a pop-culture force in 2003 when America's travel channel began airing The World Poker Tour and ESPN expanded its coverage to include poker games.

Since then the regular online poker players ballooned from some 207,000 to 1.8 million, according to pokerpulse.com last year. The amount of daily Web wagering soared from $100 million to $200 million in 2006.

No limit Texas hold'em takes both knowledge, guts and patience."You must be patient and not succumb to the temptation to play a hand just because you want in on the action," writes Edwin Silberstang in his book Winner's Guide to Casino Poker.

To start one getes two cards facedown also known as pocket or hole cards. Then comes the first betting.

Next are three community or communal cards which are laid faceup in the middle of the table also called flop. Combining these three cards with the hole cards of each players, betting follows again.

Next comes a fourth communal, faceup card also known as the turn or Fourth Steet. More betting.

Finally a fifth card or the river or Fifth Street is dealt face up and then the last round of betting.

If two or more players are still playing, it's showdown time. The player with the best five-card hand, made up of any combination of hole and communiy cards, wins.

But an aggressive player on a bluff can force a weak player with a better hand to fold, especially in no-limit hold'em.No-limit's feature is that you can shove all your chips to the center of the table and crying "All In--in a no-holds bid to win.

In limit hold'em, betting amounts are contolled. If one has no time to go to the nearest casino, then hit the Internet for online gaming.

But, remember, all house games favor the house. So set a limit, gather all the chips and leave your table after a hit.


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