Poker: Why Choose to Quit the Game

There are reasons why players like you choose to quit the game of poker. However, there may be two sides of this thing - the disadvantages and advantages that would govern your own reasons for opting out from the playing session.

Frankly speaking, what do you think are the usual reasons for quitting?

It can be said that some of the reasons may perhaps include these things: One, you are tired from playing. Two, you can't find a way out of a very challenging situation. Three, you just feel like quitting the game. Four, you were influenced by someone else to quit. Or, five, you may have already won a previous session prior to the one you are playing.

Although these reasons may seem good for you while you're in that situation, if you try to review things afterwards, you would see that most of these answers show that you still lack gaming expertise in playing the game of poker.

Realizing this, you have to do something then to gain more confidence and knowledge in implementing your own gaming skills when you play against your opponents.

What can you do?

Here are some suggestions:

* Be sure that your gaming hours are set beforehand. Stick to it as much as possible. When there is a particular schedule to follow, you allow yourself time to enjoy things while you play the game, and also learn to value your time away from the game.

You see, sometimes, your interest in quitting can be triggered by too much hours that you are actually spending at the halls.

Perhaps, your body clock is trying to give messages to your brain that you need to quit. The problem is, this signal is sometimes being given and acknowledged when you are actually in a certain playing session with other players.

* Learn to see not only the challenge you would face in the game but also the fun that you are gaining from it as you play the session. If you only focus on the challenge, and not think about what fun you are actually having, it is likely that you will want to quit soon while the game is ongoing.

* Be sure that you learned much from practice sessions before playing against others. To give you the confidence you need, you must make sure to practice first before playing against other players.

So don't quit the game of poker so soon. If you think you can still hang on and face the odds, then, bravely choose to do so.


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