Pamela Anderson Makes Good Use of Internet Fame

Icon Pamela Anderson has gotten herself a new hobby, and is making good use of her healthy internet presence: poker.

Pam, whose father has been a longtime poker player, has teamed up with legendary poker player Doyle Brunson in launching a new website called

When asked about her poker background, Pamela said that she grew up around people who played poker all the time.

"I have a real knowledge of the game, being around it my whole life, but I'm kind of a reluctant poker player. I hate to say that I'm really good at it. I can pull it off a little bit," Anderson said when asked if she was any good in the game.

Anderson has been famous (and infamous) for having her image posted all over the internet, from paparazzi pictures to Playboy poses. When asked if she was concerned about sullying her image by lending it to an online casino, she candidly said: "Sully my image? I think that's impossible."

"You know, I've had such a huge Internet presence, good or bad, for whatever reason, and why not make a business out of it. I give a lot to charity. I do a lot of work with animal rights and environmental issues and things like that. At least you know when you're betting on my site it's not going to organized crime. It's going to a good cause. [Laughs.]"


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