No Limit Winning Strategies

With the proliferation of online sites dedicated to Texas No Limit Holdem, players now use all sorts of tactics and techniques in their game, which result in inconsistent plays and losses. The truth is that only a few of these strategies will work well in games. These include the following.

The first thing that your No Limit strategy has to consider is that al positions in the game can be potential winners. A lot has been said about the blinds, and how they are the absolute worst position to be in on the Poker table.

However, it cannot be denied that you will be there every so often, and contrary to popular belief, one can do other things in this spot other than simply folding.

When you are in the blinds, it is the perfect place to make a small raise, if no one else has, or even try a bluff. The reason is that a lot of the time, people already have the mindset that when you are in the blinds, one is in a vulnerable position.

Therefore, by throwing a raise (with a decent No Limit hand of course) you will be able to throw your opponents off track.

Of course, you also have to be realistic in your No Limit strategies, and that from this position, the most you can hope for are small to medium sized wins.

Another winning No Limit strategy that a lot of players do not even consider is that of patience. This does not just refer to slow playing in Texas Holdem, although that is necessary for that tactic. Patience here refers to the one wherein you are willing to wait for the proper hands to arrive.

This entails folding quite a lot, and something that will ultimately help you win because you are in effect going to use your No Limit bankroll for the big hands.

Of course, any No Limit strategy would be incomplete without some form of deception. If you think someone has the nuts, then make a small raise, and then fold. You should repeat this for a couple of times, so that by the time you get the nuts and you repeat the process again, people will call your raise.

Part of winning in No Limit pertains to knowing and studying a lot of strategies. However, it is not the number of tactics that you know that will help you win, but rather using the ones that are actually effective.

Developing the ability to discern between the average and winning No Limit strategies is what will turn you into a winner.


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