Creating You Personal Poker Table

Whether you are at home or at the office, you can now bridge the distance between yourself playing on the internet and home games like poker by creating a personal poker table available on the internet.

Online poker game is enthusiastically fun and can be rewarding financially, but not all the time, sometimes you miss the good fellowship of playing and hanging out with your buddies while you are at home playing poker game. But not anymore, now you can make use of a table at one of the biggest online poker websites to be your personal poker table and only those players that you've invited can play. Of course it is not the same with playing poker at home but at the very least you can get to rest after playing without the bother of throwing everybody out of the house.

You can now set up your own party poker with the newest personal table facility on the internet. You can have your very own poker table in ten minutes you will be playing poker online with your friends.

Here's how: (1) On your poker site where you often play online, open your party poker account and then hit the "options" button, look for the menu on the top of the page.

(2) Mouse click the first detail after you pull down the menu then select the "Create Private Tables". And then you can customize your personal poker table by choosing the kind of poker game you want and the buy-in or stakes selection. You are required to put a password on your own table for security reasons.

If you picked the Texas Hold'em select the stakes option, you will be playing with a limit table if you choose the $1/$2. If this is your case it will at $0.25 for the small blinds and for the big blinds it will be at $0.50. But if you prefer the no-limit Texas Hold'em, you opt to choose the one with the given price button like NL $25 and so on.

(3) When you are finished with the form you have at least 10 minutes to relax, have a seat at your personal poker table. How to seat your self at the table is the same procedure that you normally do when you join a poker table when you play online.

(4) Last, play the game of poker.

You can now invite your friends to join you in your personal poker table. Not only you can join other poker table but you can also create your own personal poker table.


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